The Alliance of the Crimson Tunic

Brief Maintenance

I cleaned up the World and Crimson Tunic HQ pages so they were more easily readable without clicking on a myriad of links just to read a couple short lines of description. I understand the wiki reasoning behind using separate links for individual items, but I don’t think our setting benefits from such an approach in terms of how our HQ looks or the various locations of the world. Let me know if you find this or the old way more preferable.

Adventures past and future

Hey all. I’ve added part 1 of Think of the Children to the wiki, which incorporates the promised historical revisions, as well as the story hook for this weekend’s saga: Goblins on the March. You can also read up on Agathis Voresian – her bio provides further insight into the followers of Eldash.

I’ll add part 2 of the last adventure tomorrow. I may even add NPC entries for Eldash and Denosia (after all, they have appeared now), each filling in more details about this persecuted religion.

Wiki Usage and You
Just makin' poast

Since we really don’t have much of a use for an actual blog, Biscuits and I thought it would be more useful to utilize this feature to give more thorough updates of our wiki maintenance. Yes, there is a tiny bar to the side that points out recent updates, but other than the page and date edited, there’s little to no useful information at a glance. These posts, on the other hand, can be used to detail what we’ve updated lately, i.e. “Added in character histories for Srunli the bartender and Torbin” or something like that. Have fun, dudes!


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