Grundin Gruffgrain


Standing slightly above four and a half feet tall and covered in plates of finely polished dwarven steel, Grundin is a 250 pound wall of implacable dwarven resolve. His armour is generally kept clean and gleaming, bedecked with dour faces of the dwarven pantheon. His helmet bears a great set of white raven wings, and emblazoned prominently on his shield is the runic insignia of Moradin, representing the Holy Anvil wreathed in the Flame Eternal. He has numerous pockets, pouches, and beltpacks on his back, and he sports a keg of blessed ale and a simple, golden-hued tankard.

Born into a pious breadsmithing clan, when his early apprenticeship consistently confounded his masters with specimens thoroughly blackened on the outside and doughy on the inside, Grundin was sent off the Temple of Moradin to be trained as a priest. The priesthood soon discovered his singular inability for critical thinking, and placed him in training to be a paladin, where he seemed to find his true calling. After nearly a third of century in training, Grundin has been entrusted with journeying out into the world and stoking the fires of Moradin’s forge where they have grown dim, and lighting them anew where they have gone out. Grundin is simple, kind, and somewhat dim. He is not bright enough to question the teachings of the priesthood of Moradin, and unerringly seeks to be an example to others of the proper conduct of a Moradinian. Grundin operates on a system of moral imperatives and is, for all intents and purposes, nigh-immune to reason regarding the right course of action.

After a solid season of adventuring with his companions, Grundin’s personality has sobered somewhat from the idealistic dwarf who left the Mountainhomes. Since the death of Roondan, Grundin has become sour and dour, but his will to protect the innocent remains indomitable.

Grundin Gruffgrain

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