Agathis Voresian

Priestess of Eldash


Agathis hides in plain sight, putting on a guise of being a crazy old lady – society is too polite to ever question a crazy old lady! Of course, it doesn’t hurt her disguise at all that she is a bit crazy…

Agathis is in fact a Priestess of Eldash, the only one in Terpinhagen, which makes her a leader among the other followers of Eldash. She and her fellow worshipers believe that Eldash is the only true god; the others, while they do wield tremendous power, are mere pretenders or – worse yet – fictitious creations of mortals seeking the prestige, power, and plenitude that comes with founding a new church.

In general, Eldash’s worshipers are sympathetic for the misguided souls who worship these pretenders and inventions. This is not a two-way street, however, as most people take great offense at being told that their god isn’t a god or doesn’t even exist: followers of Eldash are routinely persecuted by the “mainstream” religions; most are driven out of town, however many are simply slain. It is for this reason that most will try to hide their allegiance to Eldash, especially if they fear for the well-being of their children. Some, however, take a militaristic view to the situation and seek by power of arms to force others to accept their beliefs as valid; very few try to impose their beliefs upon others, however: they just want normal lives for themselves and their fellow worshipers. Agathis barely tolerates the latter approach, believing instead that words and good deeds will show others that she and her fellow worshipers deserve equal opportunities.

Agathis Voresian

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