Furin Grimgranite

A.C.T's Resident Dwarf Fighter

STR: str Fort
CON: con
DEX: dex Ref
INT: int
Initinit mod
WIS: wis Will
CHA: cha


Magic Items
Weapon Resounding Maul +1
Armor Dwarven Plate Armor +1
Arms Bracers of Mighty Striking (heroic)
Head Horned Helm (heroic)
Neck Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1
Other Items
Lupus on Light Alert (L.O.L.A.), lvl 3 Iron Guardian
A novelty plush cow

Furin exudes a surly demeanor, but this is more for show than genuine; he acts as a typical dwarf and is usually intoxicated to the point that concentration becomes a strenuous chore. His grumpy behavior belies a genuinely kind and benevolent character, although bouts of solipsism are often mistaken for apathy. As a dwarf he has an innate interest in treasure of all kinds. Beneath an enormous dusty blond mustache and twin-braided beard the rosy complexion of a dwarf can be seen. Each braid of his beard is held in place with the bright green emblem of his old military regiment, and pulled low over his eyes is a helmet is adorned with two enormous horns. His plate armor features the angular geometric shapes of typical dwarven architecture, and is not particularly ornate. His kit is fairly light, indicating that he never travels far at any one time. His trusty maul never leaves his side, and features a number of runes and markings depicting the proud heritage of the Grimgranite clan. He can often be seen puffing on an ostensibly ornate pipe, especially after battle, before bed, after waking up, before and after meals, and whenever he’s bored.

Furin joined the Mountainhomes Militia as a young dwarf, falling in with the battlefield company known as the Emerald Hammer (“Smaragd Slegge,” in dwarvish). With his battle brothers, he embarked on a number of small campaigns to rid outlying dwarf establishments of goblins, elves, kobolds and other vermin. During these trips he would catch glimpses of the outside world that fueled his imagination. On a few rare occasions, Furin and his military company found themselves in the presence of a handful of heroic mercenaries, who regaled them with grand tales of adventure, treasure and glory. Furin, awed in the presence of these mighty heroes, grew determined to make a name for himself in the world by embarking on similar grand quests. Once his negotiated military service expired, Furin bolstered the martial skills developed during his service by visiting a number of renowned dwarf fighters throughout the mountain range. Among those Furin studied with were the legendary Torok Slategrinder who, while completely nude, killed a full-grown mountain troll with his bare hands when it disturbed his peaceful springwater bath, and Nafni “Goblinhewer” Goldhunter, who once felled eight orcs with a single swing of his mighty axe at the Battle of Motvind Pass. Once he was confident in his ability to satisfactorily crush things with his ancestral hammer, Furin departed the Mountainhomes to seek his fame.

Furin enjoys experimental brewing, (typically to create ale, which has fermenting time short enough for his impatience) which is the primary element of his fame as the creator of Furin’s Finest (a pumpkin spice ale with a secret ingredient that gives it an extra strong kick). At one point, he tired of his brewing activities. After an accident involving some incredibly dangerous substances used in his experiments (see the prelude to Into the Desert), he grew obsessed with clock and steam works. The obsession abated somewhat over the following weeks, but he continues to thirst for knowledge surrounding the rare practice. Furin’s favorite animal is the cow, for its haunting moos.

Since forming the Alliance of the Crimson Tunic in Terpinhagen with his newly-established friends, Furin’s quest for renown has met with little true success. While lauded as a hero within Terpinhagen and in the surrounding communities, he has not really made a name for himself. Aside from his brewing, his claims to fame largely involve narrowly losing to a more skilled opponent, a fact which drives Furin to remain largely reclusive and seek quiet solace in the products of his brewing hobby.

Furin Grimgranite

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